Love your Evil Stepsister

Evil stepsisters are cold blooded, hot tempered, uninvited guests who decided to overstay their welcome in your life. They are proud, haughty, rude and spiteful. They are loud mouthed, in your face, too lazy to learn, and to stubborn to try, spoiled brats. It always seems as if they challenge you in every way, bringing out the awkward, uncomfortable, and ungainly moments in your life. But there is a reason for everything, even them.

Evil stepsisters teach you so much. They teach you about the parts you never knew existed, the good and bad. They reach into every crevice of your emotions, pulling out the secrets of your soul. Evil stepsisters find the pieces of you that are broken and whole, making you accountable for everything you are, as well as who they are too. Continue reading


Paris Attacks Teach-In

Students came together as a concerned community, hoping to find answers, leaving with questions and a new list of vocabulary words to learn.

A teach-in on the Paris attacks and its aftermath took place on the campus of California State University, Long Beach this past weekend, hosted by the International Studies Students Association.

About 10 different professors across campus came together and attempted to explain who, what, why and how the Paris attacks occurred. Continue reading


Henry’s Mistake

Henry was not old, nor was he young. He was well weathered. He had his share of battles and wars, and travelled around the world and back as swift as the winds have come and gone. His appetite for adventure had been satisfied. His stoic grace had been replaced with a constant daunting and worry, for he now had three fully grown daughters, one grandson, and a wife. He had found a place to rest his bones with his family, as he chose to live in a place where the sun kissed earth met the sea.  There, he created an establishment where he served refreshments from an assortment of handmade glass bottles.

He had a talent far more than many when it came to making glass bottles. He could make every glass bottle exactly the same as the last, no matter the color, the mood, or the weather.  Every bottle was always the same size, weight, shape, and texture. Every brand was always pressed in the same place, with the same pressure and cut. The bottles did vary in color, but no color shined brighter or bolder than another. Many travelers came and passed through his shop to take a bottle home with them. Continue reading